Dyslexia has advantages:  dyslexic people are more sensitive to violations of c…

Dyslexia has advantages:  dyslexic people are more sensitive to violations of causality.

Dyslexia is often called a “learning disability.” And it can indeed present learning challenges. Although its effects vary widely, children with dyslexia read so slowly that it would typically take them a half a year to read the same number of words other children might read in a day. Therefore, the fact that people who read so slowly were so adept at picking out the impossible figures was a big surprise to the researchers. After all, why would people who are slow in reading be fast at responding to visual representations of causal reasoning?

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The Advantages of Dyslexia
With reading difficulties can come other cognitive strengths

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  1. Thanks. Now I know what's wrong with me. 🙂

  2. +Dustin Wyatt, the article specifically states that the impossible figures did not show violations of causality.  It would seem Dyslexia has advantages, but this article does a disservice by making false leaps of logic, errant analogies, and a prime example of what Dan Dennett calls "rathering".
    I also found the author's allusion to dyslexia as being aligned with poor visual attention.  My experience (second-hand) with dyslexia is that it's further down the processing pipeline where groups of letters become a single symbol represented by a word.  The attention to visuals doesn't come into play, but certainly it makes being attentive to words much more difficult.

  3. I think you're being a little pedantic, +Aner Ben-Artzi 

  4. +Dustin Wyatt, being a little pedantic is good.  Perhaps I'm just sensitive to the absence of causalities 😉