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The Sun!

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Taken by Alan Friedman in the wavelength of hydrogen alpha light.


Taken by NASA’s STEREO satellites.  False color image taken in the 1 million degree C range.


Another STEREO image.  False color in the 60,000-80,000 C range.


STEREO image.  False color in 2.5 million degree range.


STEREO image in 3D!  Need red/cyan 3d glasses to see the 3d effect.

Fleeing leopard

Forest Hill resident and apparently amateur shutterbug Brenda Rusnak captured the magnificent and unusual scene on the Serengeti: a leopard bounding atop a tree, with the lightness of a character from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, as it escapes from the roaring lion a branch below that has laid claim to the leopard’s quarry – a freshly killed gazelle.

Text from this article.

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