You can find my program called Soundswitch here.  It’s used to switch between sound sources in Windows Vista and Windows 7 via a hotkey.

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  1. Hi, I downloaded sound_switch (current and previous versions) and two of my virus scanners are identifying it as containing a trojan virus. Are you aware of this? Assuming you didn’t do this on purpose, could you create a version without it?

  2. Your virus scanners are wrong. Soundswitch is written with the scripting language AutoIT.

    See here to see why some virus scanners will falsely identify such software as a trojan or virus of some type:

  3. Thanks for the clarification and sorry if I falsely maligned your software. I was able to create an exception for your application within AdAware and will be trying it out shortly.

  4. Question: when using sound_switch on XP (I downloaded the older version said to work with XP), there is no Sound “applet”, only the older “Sounds and Audio Devices” app under Settings.

    Do you have instructions for configuring the sound_switch.ini file for that case?


  5. I have the same issue as mlampell (his xp issue not the virus one) How do I configure. Please email for screen shots if usefull.

  6. I can’t really offer support for the XP version, since it’s so old.

    All 6 of my windows machines are on Vista or 7 now, so I have no way to even test these things out.

  7. Bummer, this was exactly what I was looking for too. Do you know of any other options for me? If you can think of a way to get a hold of an XP machine or do it without one. Please drop me an email with an estimate of what you would charge.

  8. This is an amazing program! Thank you so much.

  9. Great tool and a nice icon, saves me from the manual annoyance! 😎

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  11. The link is gone?

  12. @Johnny: click the word “here” in the post.

    I need to change link color because it’s very similar to normal text color…

  13. Great app Dustin, thanks! Any chance we could get the AutoIT source? Perhaps release it to an GNU site so that it is still registered as yours?

    Just wanted to personalize it abit for my system.

    Again, thanks!

  14. Cant really find a forum or w/e so Ill just post here. Im using ur program on Win8 but all it does when I try some hotkeys is to open the sound panel in windows. Is that a known bug or a Win8 issue?

  15. That’s a bummer, I don’t think there’s a solution for that, otherwise you’d probably told me. Thanks for the fast reply!

  16. Hey man, this is a great program. Thanks a lot for making this – it’s really convenient.

  17. 3+ years after the fact, sound switch just made my day. Thanks man.

  18. This sounds like a great program, but it fails when I start it with this error:
    Error setting SwitchDefault to ^!{F12}
    I’m on Windows 7. Any clues?

    Thanks for your help.

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