Easier switching of sound devices in Windows with Soundswitch 3.0dev1.

I’ve got a beta-quality release of Soundswitch available now.

You can also peruse the source code.

The big changes for 3.0 are as follows:

  • Configure Source1 and Source2 via tray icon.
  • Select current active sound device from tray icon.
  • Single left click of tray icon switches between Source1 and Source2
  • Rewrites of core parts to reduce bugs and increase speed.

Please let me know about bugs.

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  1. sounds great but I click on available here and I cannot find the zip file
    What do I click to download?

  2. This is a great program. Was running it on my windows 7 system and now need a version that will run on windows vista. Does this exist? Or is there at least a program that is similar with the hot keys? I cannot seem to et this to work in vista.

  3. Simple and effective. Exactly what I was looking for!

    Now I can keep my headset plugged in without it turning off my speakers and chose between headset and speakers with a click on the toolbar.


  4. Unfortunately it turned out there are some challenges. Although “System Sounds” move over from the one device to the other not all applications follow suite. In some cases, where the application remembers the last used audio device, even a restart of the application does not make the application move to the new Default device. In such cases only disabling the audio device forces the application to chose the new Default device.

  5. Thank you very much for this utility. This has been a nightmare of plugging and unplugging. I KNEW there was a way to do this.

  6. 😛
    I want to thank you so much for this program . I have been trying to make the switch between headset and desk speakers a painless effort without any result.

    Let me know if there is place I could donate for you work.

  7. i am having trouble setting the hotkeys, i did not set this, but my 3 key and (shift) s switch my devices and this is very inconvenient and i do not know how to change this. any help would be appreciated.

  8. This is my post^

  9. i scrEwEd up my binding so now thE lEttEr E (LowEr casE) is bindEd i wanna Unistall and rEdo it Any IdEa how?

    **not ThE E in my Email is a lowEr casE

    • @Jordon: Just redownload it. There is no real installation or uninstallation of this application. Just right click the icon in the system tray and choose Exit.

  10. Thank you very much Dustin for your great piece of software and especially for making it open-source so that Michael Link (Thank you too) could update your soundswitch.au3 and make it work on Win7 german version and I guess any other language as well.
    What solved my problem was:
    Get .ini and .au3 from https://github.com/dmwyatt/soundswitch
    Use AutoIT from http://www.autoitscript.com/site/autoit/ to run the script.
    If you’re using any other language than german, you should edit at least the last parts of sound_switch.ini but I cannot verify.
    Thank you again everybody

  11. This is a great app. I know its open source but you might want to contact some of the USB headset makers. Might be bundle-able and I know I wish it came with my USB soundcard! You might even get some exposure 🙂

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