How to increase your son’s intelligence.

Fifteen-year-old males who ate fish at least once a week displayed higher cognitive skills at the age of 18 than those who it ate it less frequently, according to a study of nearly 4,000 teenagers published in the March issue of Acta Paediatrica.

Eating fish once a week was enough to increase combined, verbal and visuospatial intelligence scores by an average of six per cent, while eating fish more than once a week increased them by just under 11 per cent.

So reports Science Blog on the results of a Swedish study.

I normally just kind of glaze over on studies such as this, but really … 11 percent is quite significant!

  1. Indeed, nutrition is a very important variable in explaining some differences in intelligence and: it’s almost free when you think you just need to improve on your eating habits to mobilise those parts of your already inherent intelligence that you own but couldn’t fully use due to nutrition-caused underperformance. When mothers were undernourished in omega-3 fatty acids, as a British study showed, their babies/toddlers also ended to score lower on IQ tests than their peers whose mothers had adequate levels of the essential fatty acids.

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