Game Elements PC Recoil gamepad drivers

Awhile ago I bought this cheap gamepad from WalMart and since then I had lost the driver CD. I had a difficult time locating a driver online, but finally did.

Update: The original link is now dead. I’m now hosting the file here.

Update2: Apparently AVG throws a false positive on this file. It’s not a virus, people. Feel free to use an online virus scanner to double check.

Update3: I can’t believe people are still downloading this file. Does anyone notice that this post was originally wrote over 4 years ago? What are the chances that the “Game Elements PC Recoil” you bought recently is even the same device that this driver was wrote for?

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  1. I cant complain much about this game pad…But dont get me wrong there’s alot of room for improvment. like my spelling.LOL beats not having a controller at all.

  2. Was wondering I have the controller also works great on ea sports nfl 08 but I cant get it to swing a gulf club on tiger woods 07 anyone have any clues need help please!

  3. i cannot seem to get the controller to work at all. anybody have suggestions???

  4. I have found that Gemini is dead but they didnt make the gamepad. Philips did you can goto and look under computer accesories to find several models of the gge gamepad and drivers.
    My problem is how to get the vibrate to work. Ever since i got vista I cant get the vibration to work on either my old or new gge gamepads. : look in computer accesories.

  5. Im sorry that’s ” ” and look under pc accessories

  6. I like the game pad. I am a amature gammer anyway. I only have one issue that this pad does. I was wondering if anybody else has had this happen. The pad is the USB GGE909 model. What it does is in mouse mode it will work fine for a while then the cursor will just take off and you can’t stop it unless you turn it off on the controller. Then unplug it and plug it back in the port then it will work ok. After you rerun the gge909 program the mouse option will work again. I plugged it into my PC running Win ME! And it recognized it with no problem. Just the nagging mouse problem is all the trouble I am having with it I think it is an ok gamepad.

  7. Thank you!

  8. THX! This isnt a very good gamepad, but i got a logitech and now i can play with my bro. youve inspired me. Im going to try and host, too, to free the public from the hedonist commercial driver download site pigs! lol

  9. Driver is down have a mirror?

  10. Finally!! Persistence and help from you!!
    Thanks a million

  11. Eric from Houston


  12. I installed the controller gge908 on my pc. It says its there, and I can go to the hardware and the buttons all work, but I cant get it to work on my games on my pc. Any suggestions?

  13. I also installed the controller gg908 on windows xp. It’s there and I can test it however I don’t understand why there is no help folder on the disc. I can’t get the buttons to map to the keyboard buttons.

  14. re; rumble on/off. In XP , controle panel, gamepad,- rt click open properties. config utility has a ckeck box on/off for game pad rumble and slider for intesity. Other calibrations as well. Have a grand total of 10 min run time on mine, not the best purchase I’ve ever made. Read me quotes “for older games”, if I find a list of them (lol) I’ll post a link. NOTE: AFTER CALBRATING, PAD WORKED BETTER. Good luck, C~

  15. Located info, GGE909 is indeed a Philips product, no support online however there is a ph # for cust support. 1.888.744.5477 With all the problems, I’ll bet the phone rings off the hook. Hrs 7am – 11pm Est. Hope this helps.

  16. Bought the same control pad myself, were you able to get the mouse function to work? I have yet been able to figure THAT out… Any help?


  18. breaking news breaking news i just found the code for windows vista

  19. That’s nice for you.

    Wanna share?

  20. the game pad is not for shit

  21. How Do You Set The Game Pad to be the mouse for your computer

  22. Hi,
    I also got this pad from wal-mart over a year ago for about 12$ and the biggest downside to the controller is the way they number the 4 buttons, if you look at logitech or any other “name brand” controller they are numbered how they “should” be. So for me to play madden with this controller it is quite different and difficult til you play for a while and get use to the difference. for the price it works great. I have seen since other cheap controllers that also number theirs different from this one and logitech.
    Thanks for the driver, and good luck all.

  23. help please to update the drivers for vista

  24. thanks, you are my angel

  25. does this controller work with Vista?????????????????/i have completly installed an it still wont work?????please send me a email


  27. Removed moronic comments. -Dustin

  28. DOES THIS WORK WITH CALL OF DUTY 4? if so please explain, thank you.

  29. You don’t want to use a gamepad to play a first person shooter like Call of Duty. Keyboard and mouse is far easier to play such a game with.

  30. whats up, drivers cool however I im looking for the software that lets you program each button i lost the disc

  31. Hi.
    Good design, who make it?

  32. I’m trying to fix a problem with my recoil device. I am playing Halo 2 but my movement is inverted. Not the look inversion but my other thumbstick. There is no setting to fix it. How can I fix this myself? It makes my mouse function that way too. Please let me know as I am a Halo buff and didn’t buy a 360.

  33. I just bought one of these and programed it into my emulator. At first it worked, I was playing but then my ninja turtle just started walking into the wall and when I went back to the configuration screen, I would try to program it and the buttons would appear in the wrong order and I even got a number “9” and “0”. Those buttons arent even on the damn controller!!! Is it because I’m using windows Vista?? PLEASE HELP ME! I just figured out these emulators and I’m Staring at all these great games and a keyboard.

  34. can you please send me a copy of the manual for the recoil gamepad

  35. I don’t kno wif its a good idea 2 download the “drivers” or not b/c AVG virus scan detects it as unwise.exe,which iv did a little research on it and alot of things are saying it is an uninstallation file, but it still has me wondering, windows should have compataible drivers for the game pad anywayz, i just know what there is an option of using the pad as your mouse, which is why i downloaded the file.. but no luck with that 1..

  36. AVG is giving you a false positive.

    If you’re concerned, use any of the free online virus scanners to check the file.

    This driver will most likely not enable the “use as mouse” function that a few commenters have mentioned. I found this driver a couple years ago for the first version of the Recoil pad. I’ve seen the newer version on the shelves at Wal Mart and it looked like a different piece of hardware.

  37. Hey all, did a little digging found my control pad was distributed through wal-mart, by Philips, the tv maker. You sure can’t find anything on the packaging that gives any company info.

  38. Guess I should have read all the posts, first.

  39. I have two of these and for the most part they work absolutely fantastic! I still have both CD’s in mint condition [made backup copies and use those] if anyone needs the Install CD I can make an ISO…

    What I was wondering is this… I have used it for emulation software and most of them have a built in adjustable “dead zone” for the sticks, I have one however that does not. Is there any way to adjust the “dead zone” outside the emulator? The problem is this… the joystick is registering slight movement even when it is not being used and this is causing problems in the games. If anyone can help please let me know!

  40. Hey…i have the GGE909 and i was wondering if the driver for the GGE908 would still work on mine. And how many axes and buttons are on it?

  41. yoooooo thanks man because I was trying to playing GTA San andreas but I didn’t have enough space and I end up deleting everything off my computer including the controller and then the disk broke so thanks man

  42. Thanks!! Much Appreciated

  43. These controls are horrible. They bomb out and stop responding after a few minutes of use. They stop registering button presses and the left analog stick registers left movement constantly after about 20 minutes of play. These controllers are absolutely the worst made ever. They are not gamer friendly at all. Total garbage!

  44. my turbo button and clear button go on when ever i piug in my controller?is this normal, and how do i take it off?

  45. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  46. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

    You don’t agree with who?

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