Scoble and NewsGator sittin’ in a tree…

Scoble constantly raves about NewsGator.  I don’t get it.  His main point everytime I notice him talking about it, is it’s sync’ed read/unread status between it’s web/PC/mobile versions.  Not enough to get me to switch since I get that with a consistent interface with Bloglines.  Bloglines has a mobile-friendly version of their site for viewing/reading on a mobile (which works surprisngly well over a plain ole GPRS connection) and everywhere else I could possibly want to read my feeds.  Couple this with the additional Bloglines features and you have a pretty killer app.

Now, I’m definitely not a “web apps are the future” sort of guy,but in this instance it seems like the way to go.

Any other reasons to give NewGator a try?

Scobleizer – Microsoft Geek Blogger » Outlook PM talks about upcoming RSS integration

PS  Wrote this post with the Performancing blogging extension in Firefox.  This thing rocks.

  1. Performancing is a nice little add-in. For a *much* more advanced blog editor, check out RocketPost:

    (I designed it.)

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