1. Why can't webpages know the size of items that have yet to load and lay things out in the final arrangement?

  2. +Maximilian Montserrat They easily could
    <img src="image name.ext" alt="Image descriptor" height="xx" width="yy">

  3. Then they wouldn't get any money from accidental ad clicks!

  4. Ha! I always suspected they could! I was swearing anyway but now I will feel extra-indignant when doing so.

  5. +Sarah Rosen I prefer algo, though of course either will get the job of ad blocking done.

  6. Been using Adblock Plus on Firefox ESR, but I'll be forced to look into something new when Firefox ruins ESR like they did with their main release :/

  7. South Park had it right. …the ads are in control now. 😉