SyFy is making a mini-series based upon the great Arthur C

Clarke book, Childhood's End.  

I don't really have any confidence in SyFy to do the book justice, but here's hoping…

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  1. That's been a long time coming. It'll be interesting to see if the producers can pull it off.

  2. it'll be childhood's end with sharks. maybe some wrestlers.

  3. Well, at least the Overlords won't get defeated by some numbskull loading a virus into their computer systems; I hope…};-)

  4. If the same folks who did the DUNE series do it it might be OK

  5. If the Overlords don't look like Wayne Barlow's designs, I will simply turn the tv off and not watch the rest of it. 

  6. this was one of the first books that hooked me into the genre….I'm afraid ;/

  7. I know i've read this, because i've read all Clarke and Asimov there is, but I don't remember it.

  8. +Eric Hansen I'm kind of the same way.  I remember that I liked it more then I remember anything specific about it.

  9. you don't see the alien until the end 🙂 LOL
    that's all I'm gonna say