Big study says don't do mammograms.  

In a linked paper (doi:10.1136/bmj.g366), Miller and colleagues present the results for up to 25 years of follow-up in the Canadian study.4 No difference in breast cancer mortality was observed between the mammography and control arms, whereas a significant excess incidence of invasive breast cancer was observed in the mammography arm, resulting in 22% overdiagnosis. This means that 22% of screen detected invasive cancers would not have reduced a woman’s life expectancy if left undetected.

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  1. The Cochrane collaboration came to a similar conclusion. Routine mammography should not be practiced.

  2. What's the alternative for breast cancer detection then? Is it not recommended for everybody or is it still a high priority for those with a family history of breast cancer?

  3. +Sean Ahmeni 
    This large randomised controlled trial compared physical breast examination with combined physical breast examination and annual mammography in women aged 40 to 59

    Apparently, doing mammograms doesn't add any value compared to physical examinations.

  4. +Dustin Wyatt … but instead of adding value, they sure add a lot of extra costs, false positives, and unnecessary surgeries (biopsies, removal of DCIS), pain and stress. Physical exams are preferable for most populations.