Three good things about this video

1.  Theory that the red fox uses the magnetic field of the earth to help catch field mice under the snow.  According to this it hardly ever catches mice.  Except for when it's facing North when it catches mice 75% of the time.
2.  That fox can frickin' jump!  
3.  It's hilarious what happens at the end of those jumps.

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  1. I'm the sweet guitar riff when the words "NORTH AMERICA" fade in.

  2. WHO IS THAT NARRATOR??? It's driving me nuts.

  3. It would be interesting to know how often they attack facing north.  

    And good thing that was soft powdery snow!

  4. +Doug Hardy seriously – as in you played that? I was really digging it (also YouTube paired it with a very similar guitar vibe ad).

  5. No I'm not serious actually haha sorry

  6. Amazing video can't believe the fox can get through three feet of snow!!!

  7. I just can't remember where I seen this before. They detect prey under the show. It is Pretty freakin' cool!

  8. Getting your fingerprints done for the dOJ

  9. Done, go find them, stalker!

  10. I've seen this up close and would be a little more inclined to think their ears are doing the finding. Ya never know…

  11. You know this whole premise is completely wrong. All he's doing is practicing for the Winter Olympics "Snow Diving Competition".

  12. Wow this fox is awesome.. do all fox do this or its just this one. Well either way thats a smart fox..

  13. Amazing! And really derpy.

  14. I wonder if they ever get stuck?

  15. that is incredible.. lets all face north! it seems it brings good luck! 😀 have a super friday

  16. unbelievable ! what a beauty of snow, thanks for nice  video. .

  17. WoW what an amazing animal and a beauty of a dive!

  18. they were speaking micenese

  19. Love Foxes! Pretty darn smart!

  20. 3. – not sure it's hilarious to the mice…

  21. "What does the fox say?" – SHHHHH! We say nothing! Lest the tasty mices hears us.

  22. +Kat Mac Me too, I've got my own regular nocturnal visitor who will pose for a camera shot in return for a cooked chicken leg!

  23. The fox is the best hunter of rodents :n) Great video (n:

  24. 75% of the time, it works every time 🙂

  25. Non so l,inglese ma sono simpa5tiche le loro espressioni del vso

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