Sometimes when I see someone I know in public I act like I don't see them just…

Sometimes when I see someone I know in public I act like I don't see them just so I can avoid the social interaction.

I'm not socially disabled.  People like me, I can small talk with the best of them, etc…it's just that there's a cost in mental energy involved with greeting and making conversation and I often just don't want to pay that cost.

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Extraversion and introversion – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The trait of extraversion–introversion is a central dimension of human personality theories. The terms introversion and extraversion were first popularized by Carl Jung, although both the popular understanding and psychological usage differ from his original intent. Extraversion tends to be …

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  1. Likewise. I'm about as introverted as the come, and trivial social interactions such as meeting someone on the street just sound exhausting and pointless.


    There is a segment partway in where they measure the base mental activity/alertness of people interacting, which shows the different levels of energy expended on social interaction. It can actually be more physically taxing for an introverted personality to interact with people than an extrovert. It also shows that you may be able to change your personality with focus and attention toward the changes you desire.

  3. I'll point out that, while probably not always the case, this is also a symptom of depression. I had to self-diagnose a few years ago when I was on anti-seizure drugs that I was clinically depressed. After this hypothesis, really, I looked on line for the drugs side effects: Anger (check) and depression(check). Also, and I loved this, attempted suicide. The drug was kepra. At any rate, if this has not been a constant for you, you might think about it.