Traildown is the new atd (aka, I’m slowly working on a new trailer downloader)

a very small trailer

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The old atd was more limited than I wished and when Apple made changes on their end that caused it to break, I just didn’t have the heart to fix it.  I’ve recently picked up work on a new trailer downloader that I’m calling traildown (lowercase t because I’m crazy like that).

Traildown will fetch trailers from Apple and Yahoo.  Even if it doesn’t implement an exact replication of each feature of atd, I hope you’ll be able to do everything you could with atd and more!

I’m writing this project in Java instead of Python.  This isn’t because I think Java is better than Python, but because I’m currently learning Java and needed a project to work on.

You can find the source on github.

  1. Hi,Dustin
    I’m very interesting in your trailer app. But I can not run your app. It says “Failed to load mainfest attribute from…”
    Is that my java problem?

  2. @John: No idea why it does that. It’s not really in a release-quality state right now anyway. I need to put some more work in to it.

    Hopefully this week I can devote some time to a couple of my neglected projects…

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