Why I Dumped Digg

Sensational Fanboyism

So many stories that make the front page are based on platform zealotry.  Or stories that have just a tenuous link to Apple, Microsoft, Linux, or politics soon descend into a fanboy fight in the comments.

Old News

I find a well crafted list of blog and news subscriptions gets you cutting-edge news in a more timely manner with much less noise.

Too Slow

Digg, the actual site itself, is so slow.  It takes much longer to load than Google Reader or many other news sites.  While catching up on my feeds I’ll normally open up links I want to look at further in background tabs.  Invariably, Digg links are still loading long after most of the other tabs have finished.

Drama Queens

I don’t care about all the Digg drama.  “OMG TOP USER QUIGGLES HAS BEEN BANNED!!!1111!!!!!oneoneone!!”,  “NETSCAPE DIGG CLONE SHUTDOWN”, “I GET PAID TO DIGG!”.  There is way too much news about Digg on Digg in the form of both stories and comments.  Attention diggers, no one in the real world cares.

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