Game Elements PC Recoil gamepad drivers

Awhile ago I bought this cheap gamepad from WalMart and since then I had lost the driver CD. I had a difficult time locating a driver online, but finally did.

Update: The original link is now dead. I’m now hosting the file here.

Update2: Apparently AVG throws a false positive on this file. It’s not a virus, people. Feel free to use an online virus scanner to double check.

Update3: I can’t believe people are still downloading this file. Does anyone notice that this post was originally wrote over 4 years ago? What are the chances that the “Game Elements PC Recoil” you bought recently is even the same device that this driver was wrote for?

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  1. The one I bought didn’t even come with an installation CD. I just plugged it in and it auto detected the appropriate driver.

  2. i love u too



  3. too bad the correct drivers for this controller are right here : (

    Download this file by viewing a series of ads (no registration required)

    then keep saying no thanks until the end part

  4. too bad the correct drivers for this controller are right here

    Why is it “too bad”?

    i love u too




  5. How can I change my buttons around on the gamepad? Such as make the 3 button the 4 and the 1 button the 2.

  6. I cant get the controller to work as a mouse,and i cant get it to move character on World of Warcraft!

  7. thanks alot bro

  8. My controller comes up with a blue light and i installed the driver from that link and it still dont work for my roms.what should i do to fix it?

  9. i have gge909 no work with marine sharpshooter 2? please help

  10. i staled the pc control but dont work at all

  11. We bought this controller… Does anybody know if this company has a tech support site because we calibrated it but can’t get it to play games. Email me at Thanks

  12. I GOT A VIRUS FORM THIS FILE “FUNLOVE” WITCH IS A UNDETECTABLE VIRUS CURSE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    admin: This world if full of idiots.

    • No you didnt. If you really do have this virus (if it’s undetectable HOW DO YOU KNOW?!?!), you got it from somewhere else.

      Did you even read the first post where it’s mentioned that some anti-virus programs throw a false positive on the file?

  13. thank you very much. No I can Play Zelda

  14. uhh i downloaded this and i dont see the program that makes you able to use it as your mouse and all that…i plan on useing this with maplestory lol


    Solution is VERY VERY SIMPLE.

    If you want the program that comes with the controller then go ahead and install the drivers. I recommend xpadder instead. Installing the drivers is not needed with my method.

    Things you need to know:
    To get to device manager go to control panel and select system. Go to the hardware tab then click on device manager.

    YOU DO NOT NEED TO INSTALL THE DRIVERS! They are already in Windows. The only thing you would need to install this attached driver installer for would be if you want to use the crappy button mapper.

    USE Xpadder to map your buttons!

    Latest version of Xpadder free version:

    At the end of the solution method I have solutions to common errors that happen and are easily solved. If you have anymore questions email me at and I’ll post your question with the answer here. This method is fairly simple and straight forward. Defiantly worth it considering the controller was only 10-15 bucks!

    Now to the fun:

    First off uninstall the controller from the device manager then unplug the controller. Doing this gives you a fresh start. If you have never plugged in the controller before then you do not need to worry about this part.

    So with a fresh start, plug in the controller. It will show up as GGE909 or PC RECOIL etc..if it shows up as “unknown usb” when you plug it in, scroll on down to the end of this post to learn how to fix this error. If you try to do my method while the controller is showing up as “unknown usb” then I guarantee my method will not WORK FOR YOU!

    Go to the device manager and locate the controller (Should have a yellow question mark next to it in xp.).

    Right click and go to update driver.

    Select “install from a list or specific location”

    Then select “Don’t search, I’ll choose…etc..”

    Highlight “Human Interface Devices” and press next

    In the left pane make sure “Standard system devices” is highlighted

    In the right pane choose “USB Human Interface Device” and click next.

    A warning popup might come up, if so click yes. The driver should install with no problems.

    Now you will have another unknown device show up in the device manager list. This device will show up as “Unknown device”. Like before it also will have a yellow question mark by it. Stands right out.

    Repeat the steps above to update the driver.

    Once you get to the screen with two panes again MAKE SURE the left pane has “Standard system devices” highlighted, just like before.

    This time in the right pane you MUST select “HID-compliant game controller” then click next. This driver should also install with no problems. Like previously, if a popup warning comes up click yes. Also if the driver doesn’t install correctly just start over again from scratch by uninstalling the controller!

    The controller is fully installed now!

    Yep, that’s it!

    Now go to control panel then go to “Game Controllers” Sit back with relief now that you finally have the controller installed properly!

    Now the first time you plug in the controller, if comes up saying unknown usb, you must uninstall the controller. Right click on the controller and click on “uninstall” This, of course, is done in the device manager. Once installed, unplug the controller, wait a minute, then plug it back in.

    Keep repeating these steps until the controller says GGE909 or PC RECOIL when plugged in. Just pretty much make sure it says anything but, “Unkown USB” when it’s plugged in to your computer. MY METHOD WILL NOT WORK until you get it to stop coming up as “Unkown USB”. Just uninstall, unplug, then plug in again until it shows up correctly.

    One last note, on my laptop I had to do this method for every usb slot I plugged it in to.

    I really hope this helps out people using x64 xp and for vista users search online how to manually choose drivers to install. If you know how to install the drivers manually in vista x64 then you can pretty much follow this guide as well. I’m almost certain it will work in all versions of x64 and more than likely windows 7!

    I developed this method after buying this controller and being too stubborn to drive back and return it, lol! I spent around 4 hours straight one night researching and searched the hell out of Google trying to find a solution. I could not find anything at all that would work. Just when I was about to give up I decided read the instructions again, for what seemed to be the millionth friggin time. What finally clicked for me was that on a 32 bit system you are instructed to plug in the controller before installing the supplied drivers. Well when you plug it in windows just simply installs a generic driver called “USB Human Interface Device”. I decided to manually install/assign this generic driver to the controller on my Windows XP Pro x64 edition laptop. Well finally I got the controller to light up blue and red, so I knew I was on the right path. I kinda hit a wall after that though lol, I had the mindset that the second driver would be under the game controller drivers not under the HID section. So by trial and error I messed around for an hour, not wanting to give up, because I was so damn close. Instead of trying other brands controller drivers I finally went back to the “Human Interface Devices” section and selected “HID-Compliant Game Controller” only because it made the most sense. Well to my surprise, the damn driver installed with not errors! I didn’t think it would work though still because nothing had shown up under the “Sound, Video, and Game Controllers” section in device manager. So after some more messing around I decided to check settings under “Game Controllers” in the control panel just for the hell of it! I went under the “Game Controllers” section and to my surprise (and relief) the friggin controller was finally listed! It responded perfectly to pressing the buttons and moving the joy stick. I was so damn relieved!

    I’m the type of person who finds something that is challenging and keep at it until I figure the damn thing out. That is main reason why I have learned so much about computers.

    Well enough of me rambling on. I’m just stoked to have finally found a working solution for us x64 users! I really hope this helps people out since everyone has been searching for a solution for what seems years! If this method works for you in not matter what version of windows please post your results on here. Also please repost this method on other sites where people are looking for a solution!

    Just remember to please give me credit if you repost this method! That’s all I ask for going insane figuring out this working solution!!


    Question can be sent to and I’ll reply with the question and answer on here! You can also just post on here. Looking forward to the feedback!

    -Bob Piesz

  16. am i the only one to get a virus

    admin: No, millions of people get viruses every year. You didn’t get one from this file, though.

  17. am i the only one to get a virus

    You didn’t get a virus. Try actually reading the post. Particularly the part that says to try using different virus scanners because some virus scanners raise a false positive on the file. I’ll even do a little bit of the work for you. Here’s an online virus scanner.

  18. just wanted to thank you for hosting this file, and this store of information on your space, it is much appreciated.


  19. good lordy thank you

  20. Well, no wonder they called it the “Recoil”…even they knew it was going to be enough hassle involved that eventually you would be recoilling at the idea of having WAISTED good money on such a crappy product. If I’d known how much garbage it was I wouldnt have wasted my time buying it…should be a law against garbage for big cost. They probably made 2000 percent on the crapcontroller! Shame on Phillips company for such poor work. The end. And I mean end,… mine is going straight into file G.

  21. Blessings on you and your house sire

  22. hey guys just 1 question hope you can help if so can u please email me at with an answer i have several games like sonic lion king you know old ones on my pc i alos the philips gge909 recoil pad but when i do the controller for a game it only allows me to use 3 ofor left 4 for right 7 to jump an 6 cant use d pad or analog i have xp can u please help

  23. this file was found to have a virus.

    admin: By junky AV software, maybe.

  24. and if it doesnt have a virus, its the only DRIVER installation EVER i have installed that picks it up to contain a virus. im not a programmer but it sounds retarded to make a program that contains something that a virus scanner would pick up as a virus.

    admin: No, it’s retarded for AV companies to get lazy and just check for compilers and scripting languages that viruses are known to use when plenty of legitmate software uses the same compilers and scripting languages. In short, don’t use crappy AV software.

  25. I have the 908 and it works fine It instantly installed as a plugn play but the Z axis for pov when I anolog up pov goes left and anolog down pov right and the left and right go up and down I use it on The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion. also the pov is not as fast as the mouse pov I would like the pov on the controler to go in the direction I direct it and not the up=left and all that I have a HP Microsoft XP. I have no cd and would like a download by email hopefully the pov problem is a translation error.

  26. sorry I put the wrong email for the December 9th, 2009 entry so I am submiting it agin I need a download of the cd by email for the GGE908

  27. I just attempted to install the driver I downloaded from this site and in the install packet was a virus… Nice try!

    admin: Another idiot. Try reading the post and not using crappy anti-virus software.

  28. Be real nice if this worked but is doesn’t

  29. virus!!

    admin: you’re an idiot. Did you not read the post at all?

  30. lol This is freekin awesome. i’ve been meaning to use this bootleg PlayStation controller!

  31. I bought this controller at walmart also, and i lost the Cd, thanks for the Driver!!!

  32. Wow, 2010 and they are still selling these with no support at Wal-Mart and Game Stop/EB Games! LMAO!

  33. thanks man been trying to ge this damb thing to work

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  35. Man, thanks for the download link.
    Been tryna get my damn controller to work for ages.
    It crashed awhile back and didn,t want to work on my computer no more. so it,s been sitting in my desk for awhile.
    Until i found this treasure of course =]

  36. “Update3: I canโ€™t believe people are still downloading this file. Does anyone notice that this post was originally wrote over 4 years ago? What are the chances that the โ€œGame Elements PC Recoilโ€ you bought recently is even the same device that this driver was wrote for?”

    it is the right driver, this is the cheapest gamepad on the market and they are still selling them with no driver update.

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  38. Thanks Bro for the Driver and it being Free I search several times for it, and yes this file was scanned with AVAST 5.0+ NO VIRUS.

    I Bought my controller at a McKay used books and CD’s store for $3.95+TAX.

    Friday 11-5-2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. good of you to post it for free..I still have my cd’s but stumbled on to this page looking for win7 drivers. I have the GGE909 PC Recoil Pad and the GGE908 PC Recoil Pad. the 9 have virtual keyboard and mouse option that I really like but it won’t work in win7… the ini file won’t load and I tryed to install from right click but it says “this is not supported in this vers.

  40. Just because the article is 4 years old doesn’t mean we’re buying new gamepads… I bought mine around 4 years ago. Lifesaver playing Super Meat Boy!

  41. Thanks alot! bin lookin over the internet and noone seems too have it.

  42. thanks lost my original driver cd. this was the easiest and effective searches ive ever had.

    works great!

  43. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ :mrgreen: ๐Ÿ˜ โžก ๐Ÿ’ก ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜ณ ๐Ÿ™‚ โ— ๐Ÿ‘ฟ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ˜› โ“

  44. This really helped, I’ve had this recoil controller for about 6 years and finally need it for GTA IV.

  45. Dustin is a total idiot.

  46. @Anonymous: Possibly. In what way?

  47. mine was plug and play. ?..worked great, no cd needed..

  48. Hey Sterling, Did you get this controller to work with GTA IV? If so, how? I have the game on PC and this controller, but can’t get it to work. Let me know.

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