Game Elements PC Recoil gamepad drivers

Awhile ago I bought this cheap gamepad from WalMart and since then I had lost the driver CD. I had a difficult time locating a driver online, but finally did.

Update: The original link is now dead. I’m now hosting the file here.

Update2: Apparently AVG throws a false positive on this file. It’s not a virus, people. Feel free to use an online virus scanner to double check.

Update3: I can’t believe people are still downloading this file. Does anyone notice that this post was originally wrote over 4 years ago? What are the chances that the “Game Elements PC Recoil” you bought recently is even the same device that this driver was wrote for?

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  1. Hey thanks for the advice

  2. I just got the GGE909 Recoil controller. It tests fine, it downloaded fine. Tryed to play Halo & Metal of Honor and nothing. The dang controller is usless. I’ve calibrated it and tried to reset the default buttons. The only thing that works is the escape & enter buttons or when I put the mouse button on I can barley look around in Halo. Any suggestions? If not, I suggest that anyone reading this, stay clear of anything from Game Elements and Recoil.. From what it sounds like, they already went out of business.. Go Figure!!!!
    Any suggestions please respond to thanks!

  3. you have to set the buttons two keyboard commands like the 1-4 buttons click on it then choose the button you want it to relace like a for attack.
    when you go to in game controller options youcan then just hit the button you want to be asighned and on some games like doom 3 you have to use the mouse func. and be ajusted through speed on the advanced menu for the controller button designation screen and on mouse properties in control panel for windows. either way wont fix the fact that it is not truly an analog game pad and we should all sue them for false advertisement

  4. I am totally in with the false advertisement on this!!! I bought this souly for my kids to use especially with call of duty. My son was totally disappointed when I told him it will not work. If anyone has contact information for the company, please let me know. I will be checking back on this site for some time to come. Maybe we will all get lucky and find some good info. If anyone needs the software, same as link above,

    Stay away as much as possible from this and do return if you can….get your money back!!!!

  5. On my pc it says that the controol ler has not passed the windows logo test but on the box it says it works with windows xp… am i okay then??

  6. Wire breaks……….a lot…….on my 5th one.

  7. Thanks for the driver, mate. I wish drivers could be uploaded into the controller so that the comp installs it automatically when the controller is plugged in… but nevermind, thanks for the driver.

  8. hey there everyone. me and my ole man bought one of these retractable recoil pads. we can’t figure out how to use this dagon thing. if someone can please help us please e-mail me at thank you for help if anyone can again please e-mail me. thanks heather

  9. does anyone know wut the proper configuration is for a game elemnts 909 controller for n64 roms

  10. OMG Thx SFM I totaly lost my disk and needed these drivers.

  11. thank you!! i couldnt find it anywhere

  12. hello all!

    i used this controller with great success on the “deer hunter” game on my xp laptop. then i bought a new laptop with vista.

    in vista, the deer hunter game works fine and the laptop recognizes the controller. i can open the recoil program to assign my buttons the way i want them for deer hunter. but when i open deer hunter, the controller is dead. i tried it with the analog/mouse buttons on and off in all combo’s.
    then i tried to have the recoil program and deer hunter run in xp mode.

    so far nothing has worked. anyone with advice?

    this was a great controller for me in deer hunter on my xp laptop. like to relive those fine moments in vista!!

    if you have advice, please email me at: and type CONTROLLER ADVICE in the subject line.

    thanks in advance and have a great day!

  13. I am running Windows Vista. I’ve installed this, but can’t get it to work. It passes the tests under game controller of the control panel, but it doesn’t do anything else. Help!

    -Mark (please e-mail me directly also)

  14. I have used the 908 and now the 909 for a few years now. Have only had one game it wouldn’t work with (prince of persia the 2 thrones) works with all emulators I have. The only problem I’ve found with it is reliability. Me and friends play madden 07 alot and we usually go through atleast 2-3 controllers a month each. Either the buttons begin to stick or the the cheap plastic on the analog controllers break and the button comes clean off, also the cords are usually very fragile so try not to just hit the button and let it go, but guide the cable in. I’m going to switch to a logitech gamepad or a playstation 2 with adapter. The recoils will get you by, but they are not going to last long so plan on getting a reliable controller.


  16. i have this recoil joystick for my computer and i didnt have it very long and it just stopped working. i did every to try to get it work. i really need some help

  17. a life saver

  18. can’t play with tiger woods 07

  19. is this junk or can it fix to work with vista???????????????

  20. Hey I can’t get the turbo button to turn off. I lost everything but the driver cd. It makes it nearly impossible to play games with that button always on. Thanks in advance. E-mail me at Thanks again.

  21. I am running Windows Vista. I’ve installed this, but can’t get it to work. It passes the tests under game controller of the control panel, but it doesn’t do anything else. I would like it to work like my ps2 controler

  22. I need the install cd to gemini recoil controller

  23. rockroc (David Turner II)

    Im never getting Vista cause i of this awsome controller, I use it for my Emulators, GTA San Andreas, and More games, the only drawback is the left analog sticks sensitivity to the slightest pressure, even after releasing the stick it moves my character to the right, and i must constantly add force to put in position.

  24. Never is a long time.

    What about when games start requiring Vista?

  25. I have not yet used it but have been needing the drivers for some time thank youy

  26. thank you for drivers

  27. I have problem with GGE909 Recoil controller does not working with sniper elit. what can I do …………help

  28. this is the WORST gamepad ever do not buy this seriously

    retractable wire? cool you may think but wow its so horrible. The slightest movement of the wire and your gamepad will reset itself to the usb hub. If this happens while you are playing a game you have to quit out.

  29. you can get these drivers at as well as other models

  30. Rockroc (David Turner II)

    still not until vista is fully bug free and able to run emus and gta will i switch

  31. I have a question. Is there drivers for windows Vista?

  32. my e-mail is can anyone help

  33. No operating system is ever fully bug free.

    I run two emulators and gta on Vista right now.


    after install the driver (driver go with original CD is OK) and go to this folder “C:\Program Files\Game Elements\GGE909 PC Recoil Pad” run InfInstall2k.exe. I will ask for installing driver and unpluging the device. Rerest of the prosess is just mattter of configering the setting. email me if you have trouble using this product in windows Vista.

  35. you are great, period point blank

  36. I got this for a laptop with vista I can get the controller to work but not the mouse emulation. please help

  37. thanks nntvog i followed what you said and i got thie to work with mouse emulation

  38. Anybody know how to get the mouse button to work because I play all my emulators on my TV and I just want to control my cursor with my control.

    If anybody knows email me

  39. Help me out here. I can get this controller to work with EVEN my ROMs. But it wont work with Duke Nukem Atomic. It registers and all, and works, but when it’s inserted, duke tugs to the rights. I can’t figure out why he’s strafing. I was wondering if I need a driver to get it to run with DOS, maybe? I have three versions here of the game, with different problems with each. The old Duke 3D doesn’t even read it. The Dos version of atomic sets all directional movement to forward. I tried reconfiguring it, but it give me hell. Plus, I used to get it to run my mouse onscreen, like in windows, but it stopped doing that. I downloaded your driver and reinstalling it to no avail. This is ridiculous.

  40. Hey, if the damn thing pushes you to the right, use a small piece of tape to hold the right stick to the left. I’m playing duke now. I noticed someone posted here too had a problem with that. Hope it helps!

  41. Need some help here. I can’t seem to get this recoil pad to work. Every thing says its working fine, it just won’t work. Not even the mouse control. If anyone can help my email is

  42. does this driver work for the GGE909 model?

  43. it keeps saying unable to install hook anyone know how to fix this?

  44. I bought this fucking pad and its foking shait, it always unplugg on the system and its shait

  45. thank you you helped me so much

  46. i have a GGE909 PC recoil pad and i cant find the drivers i was wanting to no if any one no’s if there is a website where i can get the right driver’s i play track mania nations ESWC

  47. sorry to bother every one again im still trying to find a website that has a driver for a gge909 pc recoil pad if any one has it on cd or if any one no’s a website where i can download here’s my email

  48. I don’t think anyone is helping you because it’s “know”, not “no”.

  49. HELP!!!

    I am trying to install the retractable pc controller GG908 on my laptop for my son to use put when I put the disk in and follow the instructions, which only took 2mins to install it doesn’t seem to do anything after that. I should also mention that I have the windows vista on my system. Can anyone please help me, my son is driving my crazy to have this working for him. You can email me at


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