Riya Wish List

In addition to the points I brought up in my previous post on Riya, I’d like to see:

Tight Picasa Integration
I want the Riya Uploader to automatically upload files detected by Picasa’s Media Detector. I also want to be able to pull the metadata that Riya generates back into Picasa.

Thumbnail Chooser
I’d like to be able to choose which photo to use as the representative thumbnail for people.

Quicker Pages
A lot of data is downloaded when you click on a face from the homepage…it seems like a lot more than the number of thumbnails would entail. Then when you click on one of the thumbnails a lot more data is downloaded (this page also causes Firefox CPU usage to peg out at 100% as I mentioned in my previous post on Riya)….an option in preferences to set how many thumbnails are loaded on one page and how many photos are loaded on one page would be of great use to those of us who aren’t on the latest and greatest broadband connections.

Thumbnail “Unzoom”
When using the face recognition tools I find myself wanting to zoom out to the full photo on many of the thumbnails to help me identify who exactly that person is.

What Have I Uploaded?
A way to tell if I’ve already uploaded a photo or folder of photos to Riya. I originally uploaded a folder with about 1.2 gigs of folders to Riya, and when I went back to upload more, I couldn’t remember which folder I’d already uploaded. This would be easier if my photos were better organized in folders, but I use Picasa for all my organizational needs, making folder structure mostly irrelevant.

This Isn’t a Face!
I realize I noted this previously, but it’s aggravating me again. When using the bulk recognition tool, there needs to be an option for “This Isn’t a Face”. A good number of buildings and objects are recognized as faces by Riya. Of course the ideal way to do this would be to never mess up and call a building a face…

Larger Drop Downs
I have to do way too much scrolling in the drop down boxes to select names in the bulk recognition tool. Larger drop downs or a revamped interface would help address this. Additionally, if the face is near the bottom of the window the drop down isn’t fully contained in the viewable window space, so I have to scroll the whole page down and then scroll the drop-down box. The drop down should actually “drop” up in this circumstance.

It may not sound like it from all the “complaints”, but so far I find Riya to be very promising. It’s utility to me in it’s current state is limited because of it’s current inability to export to Picasa the metadata it generates, but I’m sure this feature will come along sometime. Riya’s core functionality is there, the featureset just needs to come around, and I have faith that will happen.

Tonight’s goal is to upload a bunch of new photos and see how much the 458 faces Riya has recognized in my current set helps in recognition of faces in the new set.

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