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Android Application Development for Dummies

I’ve been working through the book Android Application Development for Dummies and noticed a little problem on page 182, paragraph 3 where it states:

At this point, you can install the Silent Mode Toggle application, long-press the home screen, and choose the Widgets category; now you should see the Silent Mode Toggle present.

The problem is that this isn’t true.  It’s not till the next page where you edit the AndroidManifest.xml file will you be able to see the widget.

Hopefully, this helps anyone getting frustrated trying to get the widget to show up!

On a related note, the author, Donn Felker, has been very responsive to emails about this issue.  He even offered to take the time to go through the code I’d already written.  I’ll definitely be looking for other books by him because of this.  Thanks Donn!