Monthly Archives: December 2011

The Sun!

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Taken by Alan Friedman in the wavelength of hydrogen alpha light.


Taken by NASA’s STEREO satellites.  False color image taken in the 1 million degree C range.


Another STEREO image.  False color in the 60,000-80,000 C range.


STEREO image.  False color in 2.5 million degree range.


STEREO image in 3D!  Need red/cyan 3d glasses to see the 3d effect.

Fleeing leopard

Forest Hill resident and apparently amateur shutterbug Brenda Rusnak captured the magnificent and unusual scene on the Serengeti: a leopard bounding atop a tree, with the lightness of a character from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, as it escapes from the roaring lion a branch below that has laid claim to the leopard’s quarry – a freshly killed gazelle.

Text from this article.

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Animal eye photos



A bunch of close-up photos of the eyes of different animals.

Mirrors are counter-intuitive

Most people don’t understand how mirrors work.  For example, when presented with the following scenario, most people get it wrong.

Imagine you’re at the entrance to a narrow corridor and further down, several feet away, hanging on the right-hand wall, there are three rectangular mirrors (30cm x 45cm) at head height. At what point, as you proceed down the corridor, do you think you’ll be able to see your face in the mirrors?

In another demonstration of the fallibility of our intuitions when it comes to mirrors:

If I asked you to draw a full-size outline of your head on a flip chart, and then to draw the outline of your head as it appears in the mirror, would you draw the two outlines the same size? You shouldn’t do because the mirror image of your head (as it appears to you) is exactly half its true size, irrespective of how far you are from the mirror, a fact that few people realise.