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Toggle Caps Lock with program.

Someone wanted a program to toggle the Caps Lock key on Windows. Here you go! Each time it’s run it just changes the state of the Caps Lock key.

Placebos, dude

Tip for asking questions on StackOverflow (or anywhere else).

Don’t say “urgent”, “deadline”, “QUICK”.

These are just people answering questions because they like to share knowledge.  Saying you need an answer quick sounds ungrateful, and doesn’t speed up getting an answer, and probably reduces your chances of getting a speedy answer.

The person who is going to give you the answer you need isn’t going to answer your question more quickly.  He’ll answer it when he sees your question.


How long does it take to play the Half-Life series?

I recently played all the way through the following games on the hardest difficulty.

[table id=1 /]

I have played through all the games before, but it’s been years.  I didn’t rush through any of the games.  I didn’t look in every nook and cranny of each level, but things that were interesting, I investigated.

I must say, the whole Half-Life series is a blast to play.  I am, however, disappointed at how much shorter Half-Life 2 was then Half-Life 1.

No wires for your monitor

Sure, it’s not ready for prime time yet, but I’m sure this will be available sooner than later.

From Engadget:

Well, Fujitsu’s taken it one step further here at CeBIT this week, throwing together what it claims to be the world’s first totally wireless desktop display — no video, no power. The imagery is handled via wireless USB and can connect to any appropriately-equipped PC, while the juice is sucked in using a newly-minted proposed standard for wireless power delivery called SUPA