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Apple Trailer Downloader .2.2

New version of the Apple Trailer Downloader is now available.

This only includes a fix for one bug.

This bug was a failure to handle some Unicode strings and caused ATD to fail when encountering something like the ® character.  A recent trailer that caused ATD to fail was for “The Wolfman”.

Windows download here.

Source available here.

Apple Trailer Downloader .2.1

A small update to version .2…

  • Added the <quality></quality> element to the .nfo file generated for the Home Theater Experience Script.

Windows .exe here.

Source code here.

Original post with more info here.

Apple Trailer Downloader .2

Version .2 of my Apple Trailer Downloader is out.  Major changes:

  • Code organization to allow easier updates (this is an on-going effort since when I started this project it kind of grew organically rather than having some sort of plan.)
  • Added the --htenfo option.  This creates a .nfo file for each trailer for use with the Home Theater Experience XBMC script.
  • Added the --imdb option.  This fetches movie information from the IMDB.  Currently, it only uses this information to get MPAA ratings for trailers that Apple doesn’t specify a MPAA rating for.  Many upcoming movies still don’t have MPAA ratings so this won’t help in those instances.

Hit the original post for more info and the download link.