Monthly Archives: March 2006

SMT5600 crashes while syncing via WMP10

Argh.  While syncing my music to my SMT5600 the phone crashes after just a few songs are transferred.  The phone will not respond to any button presses.  The only way to recover from this state of affairs is to remove the battery.

WMP10 just shows that whichever song it was copying when the phone crashed is xx% done without reporting any errors.

My search skills have failed me because I am unable to find anyone else suffering from the same issue!

Gizmodo loses it

Here’s Gizmodo’s story:

Rumors: Origami Just a Glorified Media Player with Nasty DRM?

Here’s a story they’ve never run:

Facts:  Ipod Video Just a Glorified Media Player with Nasty DRM, That Can’t Run the Thousands of Windows Software Applications.

Their never ending fascination with Apple becomes more and more tiring as the days go by.  I have a hard time seeing a future for Origami, but I’m sure willing to give it a shot…