Game Elements PC Recoil gamepad drivers

Awhile ago I bought this cheap gamepad from WalMart and since then I had lost the driver CD. I had a difficult time locating a driver online, but finally did.

Update: The original link is now dead. I’m now hosting the file here.

Update2: Apparently AVG throws a false positive on this file. It’s not a virus, people. Feel free to use an online virus scanner to double check.

Update3: I can’t believe people are still downloading this file. Does anyone notice that this post was originally wrote over 4 years ago? What are the chances that the “Game Elements PC Recoil” you bought recently is even the same device that this driver was wrote for?

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  1. fuck it im taking it back. can anyone suggest a cheap game pad for vista?

  2. Thanks, Dustin (I’m assuming this is your site). I appreciate both your effort AND the number of times you’ve warned us about the false virus snag. 😉

    I’m going to try your drivers tonight , but so far I agree with most of the other posts here in the last couple of months…this pad doesn’t work well. I played NHL 2008 with it, and it worked decently for about 2-3 minutes, then slowly it would start losing functions on it, first the left analog stick, then the right. Eventually it wouldn’t work at all. I tried re-installing the drivers that came with it AND drivers I’ve found elsewhere on the Internet…still wouldn’t work at all. I tried plugging it into a different USB port, at which point it would recognize it and I could start the process all over again–with the same results. When I ran out of new USB ports, then it wouldn’t work at all. And yes, I paid very close attention to the directions not to adjust the length of the cord while playing.

    I finally gave up on it and went back to an old pad that I had, leaving this one plugged into a free USB port. 5 minutes later, it just started rumbling incessantly for no apparent reason. I unplugged it from the USB port and it continued to rumble FOR A COUPLE OF MINUTES AFTER THAT! Maybe it’s haunted…. 😉

    When you first wrote this, back in 2005, the GGE908 might have been a good product, but things could have changed over the years. I don’t believe the GGE909 is a good product now. As comfortable and nice looking as it is, it’s not worth a nickel to me the way it works. I’m hoping your drivers can change that (assuming 908 drivers work with the 909)…otherwise it’s going back.

    Thanks again, Dustin! =)


  3. When you first wrote this, back in 2005, the GGE908 might have been a good product

    I wouldn’t say that. It’s a mediocre, but passable product. 😀

  4. Well i cant get the controller to READ it when i plug it in.

    and when i download the drive nothing happens <_< V_V

  5. Also, i check back in at March 27. still no helpful reply =0.

  6. Thanks for the link. I have the disk but for some reason it won’t work on my wife’s computer yet worked on mine. Both are on XP so there shouldn’t have been a problem using the disk. Once again thanks for the link to the software.

  7. Does anyone know how to get the recoil controller to work for the Snes9x emulator?

  8. I was using Win XP Home SP2 and I had a hard time calibrating my gamepad because it wouldn’t center to complete a circle in calibration mode. It would just hook a left without being touched and move on to the x/y axis stage. This driver worked for me. Thank you.

  9. well it seems to work thanks for careing i would of had a dead stick if it wasnt for your hosting

  10. Hey

    If you are using vista, you must do the regular install with the instructions. Then restart your computer and run “C:\Program Files\Game Elements\GGE909 PC Recoil Pad\infInstall2k”

    It will take forever and then ask you to unplug the game controller and press ok. Do it.

    Now it should work. If the mouse isn’t working make sure you have the “Mouse” button in the center of the controller active.

  11. Also,

    If you plug it in and the the analog stick isn’t in the normal position it will “pull” one way or the other

    to fix unplug and plug back in

  12. Link does not work. Looking for the drivers for my controller. Can you email me the link or tell how I can get the driver’s for this controler


  13. Link does not work. Looking for the drivers for my controller. Can you email me the link or tell how I can get the driver’s for this controler


    I will tell you how to get the driver:

    Reread the post, the link works fine.

  14. This controller is useless. I bought one at Wal-Mart yesterday (it was the ONLY game controller for PC available on the shelf). Windows XP can’t use it, saying “the device has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it”. I followed the installation directions – plugged in the controller first, then used the disc. AS it installs, the program continually asks me to “Plug in the device” when it’s already plugged in. I know the controller has power because it’s lighting up, but for some reason my PC can’t recognize it. All it knows is that there is an unknown device attached to a USB port. I have tried this on TWO computers and get the same problem on both.

    According to the FAQ on the manual, Win XP should recognize the controller as a GGE909 Recoil GamePad because of HID (Human Interface Device) drivers. Neither my, nor my father’s PC seem to have these HID files, because neither system can recognize the controller.

    Downloaded drivers have no help. How can I get WinXP to see this P.O.S.? Shouldn’t it have plug & played anyway?

  15. i need help has anyone found the fix for vista yet if so please email me

  16. hi, i use VISTA, and i have had this pad for close to 6 months, and it has worked fine, except that for certain games, like fifa 07 and fifa 08, the right analog doesnt work.
    I also am not able to use the mouse function either.
    if anyone has a solution for this please post it here. thank you for ur help

  17. I have the vista basic and I have the GGE909 Recoil gamepad which is currently connected to my computer with no problems. Except for the part where I had to install the HID Game Element, HID device Controller for Keyboard and HID device Controller for Mouse from the Windows 2K driver in order for the emulation software to work. Without those 3 drivers the emulation won’t work. That was the problem with the original cd setup, there was 3 missing drivers(ones I mentioned earlier). Mouse, Keyboard emulation will work after those 3 are installed.

  18. But the thing is that the controller starts to move to the left without me even touching any of the controls. So, I unplug it from the usb and plug it back in then it stops for a while, but I’m not sure how long though.

  19. I think it is related to the mouse driver because it wouldn’t take control even when the pointer was moving by itself. Sometimes the keyboard controls wouldn’t work when I pushed the button to them in the emulation mode. I think the drivers for the emulation software may need serious overhauling and debugging.

  20. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  22. I put the 909 into my usb porrt and it said it succesfully instaled into my pc but now I can’t seem to find out how to use it. I mean it does turn on, lights flash but it does not function. Im gettin workd up on the new call of duty using my mouse and keyboard so Can any body help me figure out how to get it to function cause??anybody??

  23. I dont know the solution to your gamepad problem, but I can tell you that a gamepad won’t help you in CoD.

    Anyone who is better than mediocre at first person shooter games on the PC uses a mouse and keyboard. It allows you to be so much more accurate and quick.

  24. ohh ok thanks my frend told me the same exact thing about the control and the MoD game. i gues im just going to use the mouse im getin the hang of it now. thanks

  25. I can only get the enter button to work on this controller… HELP!!

  26. I dont know if its been posted already(325 responses is a lot to read….), but i would highly appreciate any updates for the GGE909 Windows Vista driver(if it even exists…). Thanks!!!

  27. hahahah you are all so stupid.
    this is a fine controller. there are separate drivers now to make the rumble work and for 12 bucks why return it it works perfectly for me.

  28. My GGE909 was working and then it stopped all of a sudden. Now when i plugged it in to the usb it lights up but it doesnt recognize the controller at all? Any ideas.

  29. i see where its been asked about using this controller in cod2 but not how to make it work .i understand old ways keyboard and mouse are supposed to be better but id like my son to have the chance to find out for himself if he likes it (and its hard to score points with the kids anymore)lol anyway is it possible and how .thx for any help dudes.

  30. oh sry im using xp with sp2 thx again

  31. Worked for me, I had the same story. Thanks for hosting the download

  32. Thank you very much…

  33. you fucken rock thats all i gotta say bout that luv ya dude!!!

  34. hello there folks…..seems like we all shop the same place…found this new controller…..installed it or at least tried…didnt work….put it away for a while…tried again..still not working…mine wont even light up….cant even call it up through the programs…says installation not complete….HELP ME SOMEBODY PLEASE….

  35. wal-mart has this newer version of the gge909
    made by phillips…looks identicle…even has the same color, buttons….everything….but the disk appearantly wont work for the gge909…something different there….the new contoller works fine

  36. Just installed it, and AVG says the file has a virus in it–funlove.corrupted. Just a word of warning.

  37. Just installed it, and AVG says the file has a virus in it–funlove.corrupted. Just a word of warning.

    Did you even read the post? It specifically says:

    Apparently AVG throws a false positive on this file. It’s not a virus, people. Feel free to use an online virus scanner to double check.

  38. Hello,

    I hope someone can help. My sister and I have been trying to get the GGE909 to work for the game the godfather on the PC. We can’t seem to get it to work, any suggestion on how to do this?


  39. This is all you need.

    scroll to othe bottem and lcick download.
    It binds the keys of your keyboard too the controler. so Anolg stick up means W key for walknig. you can use diffrent combinations. is all there.

  40. Elliott Charles

    Your first on google, Thank you for hosting this.

  41. I installed the driver, but all it gave me is the uninstall program…

  42. I don’t use this anymore, but if I recall correctly the only thing the install does is makes Windows recognize it. You don’t get any programs of any sort.

    You just have to go into control panel and configure the gamepad/joystick.

  43. To robissogreat: those buttons actually exist, the GGE909 has 12 programmable buttons (which are enumerated from 0-11). So on the controller button 9 would be the “start” button and button 0 would be button “1”. below is the button positions and their mappings.

    10=pushed left analog stick
    11=pushed right analog stick
    4,5,6,7=the 4 shoulder buttons

  44. I have the install CD and the PDF manual that came with it. It explains how to install/reinstall it in a lot of different operating systems if needed please email me at and I will send it to you all. I haven’t had any problems with it working in any game I also can use the mouse button to use it like a mouse on the desk top and with all applications.

  45. I have the original CD as well. Email me and I will send files.

  46. I can’t get the mouse button to work with Vista, any ideas?

  47. My controller Wont Turn red i have Driver and all but the ocntroller worked fine then all the sudden bam Nothing at all any advise?

  48. Mine does the same thing. It will light up blue, but not do anything. But this only takes place in one of my USB ports. Maybe try a different one?

  49. You know Im sure there is a way to set this controller up to do something but I aint quite sure how, could I get some help

  50. It Seems like the keyboard and mouse emulation feature doesn’t functions on Windows Vista… If anybody has something on this please help.

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