Game Elements PC Recoil gamepad drivers

Awhile ago I bought this cheap gamepad from WalMart and since then I had lost the driver CD. I had a difficult time locating a driver online, but finally did.

Update: The original link is now dead. I’m now hosting the file here.

Update2: Apparently AVG throws a false positive on this file. It’s not a virus, people. Feel free to use an online virus scanner to double check.

Update3: I can’t believe people are still downloading this file. Does anyone notice that this post was originally wrote over 4 years ago? What are the chances that the “Game Elements PC Recoil” you bought recently is even the same device that this driver was wrote for?

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  1. Thanks. Been looking for this for a while. 🙂

  2. I bought this stupid thing, I pressed the button retract the cord, and the cord went in SIDEWAYS and got bent and now theres some wires sticking slightly out of it! I got to try it with Price of Persia and it was OK. Next time im buying a Playstation 2 to PC USB adapter so I can use my PS2 controller.

    I am taking this crap back to WalMart and hopefully I will get a refund. I am just gonna lie and say it isnt compatible with my PC.

    Why did they make it such poor quality! idiots. Its a fucking ribbon cable, everyone knows you shouldnt leave those exposed and unprotected when theyre easily ripped or broken.

  3. I bought the Game Elements GGE909 to play games on my PC. I found that when I play the THQ MotoGP3 morotcycle race game, after 15 minutes the bike will lean to the left making it very difficult to control the bike. I actually bought two of them. I switched to the second one and it works for about the same amount of time and then it will do the same thing. The bike will lean to the left. What gives??? Any thoughts besides that the controller is a piece of shit???

  4. hey, i bought this gamepad, and the cd that came with it doesnt work. i got it to work with the basic game pad divers. but i like to try out the mouse function and stuff.. lol… know where to get the software for this??

  5. DONT BY this chit , the analog is a chit aniway but ty for the driver

  6. can you give another link??

    that link doesnt work

  7. The link works fine from two different PC’s that I just tried.

  8. wut do i do after i install it? nuthing happens and theres no icon or file to let me set up controls

  9. (off topic)

    Do you know how to get the rumble pad (vibration) in GGE909 work? I tried it in Nfl 2004 & nba 2005 and all buttons work inside the game. But the vibration motors never kicked in.

    I just don’t know whether the games don’t support vibration or is it the pad that sucks. (This is my first game pad)

  10. I play Need for speed carbon demo and it had rumble support and i didn’t need to do anything to get it to work. mabe you need to find settings in start up of your game.
    This works great in roms and in all my other games. you may sometimes need to enable this controller in game or click on the ‘GGE909 PC Recoil Pad’ icon on your desktop after you install it to get it to work for games that don’t support controlers.
    I just have one problem. GTA SA game, when i play the analog sitck ‘left’ moves to the left and im not even moving it!

  11. Thank you so much I bought the Pad about 1 month ago. The first Day i instaled it I lost it, been lookin for it ever sence online.Good lookin out!
    You deserve Mad Props.

  12. I think the company went out of business. When I tried to use the install disk that came with the gamepad, Windows thought it was malware, a very bad sign. For it’s price range it works very well, It saves a lot of wear and tear on my laptop, and it comes in handy when playing SNES or N64 roms(the C buttons can be mapped to the right analog stick).

  13. WOW, thank you SO much I just bought it and the damn disk is blank or my cd drive just broke . . . none the less your a life saver thx a bunch!!!!

  14. Me again sry, hey do you have the manual as well because the box says its on the CD?

  15. I also need this drver

  16. Hey all!Yeah I got this game thing , it works all right .But the left stick somtimes gets screwed up!The guy/car/the thing that I control, keeps going over to the left .Now somtimes if I restart the computer it will work , sometime it won’t ! What do I do! : (

  17. I love the recoil pad as well. Works great. Just can’t figure out how to set up the analogs! Any suggestions?

  18. Need help setting up analogs. Can someone please help? (

  19. My Computer, C Drive, Program Files, Game Elements; How do I know what the axis settings are N64 roms

  20. Anyone needing the driver for the gamepad email me and I’ll send you to you this is for model Number GGE909 PC Recoil gamepad, also have the manual for this also just make sure you can receive a 4.5 MB download in needed email me at

  21. hey I have been using the GGE909 and the usb connector is frayed now I dont think it will work

  22. same thing happened to me that happened to Foxtrot360 but I ignored it and now one of the wires is snapped I dont know if it will still work oh well only payed 14 bucks for it

  23. dave sarasota x-mas day 2006

    x-mas morning pad won’t work still can’t get the analog lite to shine had it working before x-mas the software was uninstalled but this time won’t install, cant’ get analog lite on to play APACHE ah64 air assult thanks anyway

  24. I downloaded this game pad driver which works perfectly, downloaded

    quick, thank you very much for sharing and making this available for us


  25. I have the recoil pad as well. It’s always worked until I bought Ultimate Alliance and then it won’t let the game run.

    I just uninstalled the drivers and let Windows use it’s own driver and it works fine. I think the only loss is no vibration now. I never cared for that anyway.

    Hope that helps those trying to play Marvel Ultimate Universe

  26. I just got this controller too, the Vibration does not work, even in the game pad propertiest to test settings. what am I doing wrong.

  27. If you don’t install the driver, the vibration probably won’t work.. if you do install it, there is a tab in the game controller settings called EFFECTS where you can increase the amount of shaking…

  28. i have this controller and i cant get the analog stick to map out my for CS:S. I would like to make them work like on the PS controller. help would be greatful. please email some tips or what ever the hell it is that im doing wrong

  29. I’ll tell you what you’re doing wrong. You’re trying to play CS with a gamepad.

  30. Dustin is right hehe.. Marvel Ultimate Alliance is really best with a gamepad… but CS? …. mouse and keyboard….

  31. yeah your right some im go buy the fang insted thanks for the tip

  32. I saw a few post about the pad pulling to the left. When the mouse button is on my pad pulls to the left also. If it is off, I have no problems.

  33. Thanks….

  34. I bought this controller 2 weeks ago. I used the original install CD but did not change the mapping from the Defaults. I then shut the program down using Windows Task Manager(control + alt + delete,click the processes tab, select the program, then click End Process). The contoler still worked great and the rumble worked as well. No Problems…

    Up until today. Now when I play NFS the car pulls hard to the left. I remapped the controls in NFS so I steer with the Right stick. It aint only the left stick tha goes bad. Maybe it has something to do with the programming.

    STAY AWAY from this controller. It’s only 14 bucks but why waste the money.

    Anyone know of a better replacement that has similar functions??

  35. Thank you I lost the Cd Too

  36. You wouldn’t havppen to have the “GGE909” driver too, would you? I need it badly I have both controllers but I also lost the CD for the 909. Even a link to a website would be nice so I could try to find it. Thanks.

  37. I have had this gamepad from walmart for a year and I have not been able to use i for any of my pc games cause it doesnt seem 2 work. I plug it into the usb port and then I install the software but after that it wont work for any of my games? What am I doing wrong??

  38. Hey guys, just bought this game pad…gge909… my computer cant recognize the driver or the controller, this is my first game pad and I dont know if i’m doing something wrong, I would appreciate any help, thanks much…

  39. Hey i have this samecontroler and for what so ever reason before it tries to install this message appears :” Could not initialze installalation. System DLLs corrupt or missing. Access is denied.”
    Im running Windows XP media Center and the game pad does partialy work without the software.
    if anyone knows what i can do please send me a message at

  40. I will try it ,thank you and god bless YOU!!!!.

  41. i bought this game pad in walmart but i cant change the buttons
    everytime i try to change them nothing happen
    i wanna know how can i fix this

  42. thank you very much guys i got the original cd but cant open for some reason but i downloaded setup from the site stonerbychoice post it thx man

  43. I,m pissed. I bought the gg908 recoil pad a year ago, someone stole all my software and now I cant get support from the company without buying it. what the hell!!!!

  44. thanks, i lose the %&#& disc too

  45. by the way my bro jack says thanks….

  46. Yo will ths work with the 909 recoil pad? cuz thats wat i have and i downloaded your version but it was 908. I have no games or anything to test it out on so lemme know.

  47. does anyone know how to get the left joystick to map button functions??
    like in call of duty, i want to set it up like a ps2 controler where the left joystick controls the running, and the right changes the p.o.v……..i’m having a major brainfart trying to figure this out

  48. Is there anyway to get this controller to work for call of duty. I tried just about everything to get it to work and still nothing. 14.00 spent for a bogus item.

  49. I don’t know Kevin. However, you will be at a great disadvantage if you use this controller to play CoD. The keyboard and mouse are far superior to a game pad for almost all FPS games.

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