Game Elements PC Recoil gamepad drivers

Awhile ago I bought this cheap gamepad from WalMart and since then I had lost the driver CD. I had a difficult time locating a driver online, but finally did.

Update: The original link is now dead. I’m now hosting the file here.

Update2: Apparently AVG throws a false positive on this file. It’s not a virus, people. Feel free to use an online virus scanner to double check.

Update3: I can’t believe people are still downloading this file. Does anyone notice that this post was originally wrote over 4 years ago? What are the chances that the “Game Elements PC Recoil” you bought recently is even the same device that this driver was wrote for?

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  1. bless you ,you angel

  2. I have the original CD as well if anyone needs the drivers for it.

  3. I bought this pad as well. For the 12 bucks I paid for it it’s pretty decent.

  4. I agree, Jeb. I really can’t name any downsides to the product.

    On another note, I discovered that if you’re running XP SP2, you don’t even need the drivers since the generic drivers work just fine!

    The drivers that were included with my version which I bought over a year ago were bunk. I don’t recall exactly what the problem was but it involved games not working correctly with the functions of gamepad. It was a big hassle to find a newer version of the drivers.

  5. Thanks, BTW I got Xp pro SP2 and I can’t get it to work with some apps like my roms

  6. The download link for the driver is dead. Can somebody please e-Mail me another link?

  7. I’ve updated the post with a new link to the driver.

  8. This has to be the worst gamepad I’ve ever used, and it has the most horrid support I’ve ever seen, lol. It works, but not with some games, and it took alot of digging for me to come upon this driver. Thanks for posting it though. Only good things I can say for this controller are it fits in my hands well, and I like the retractable wire – though it looks easily broken.

  9. oh yea – my analog sticks are very sloppy in terms of registering movement in games.

  10. I can’t get “Tetris Worlds PC” to recognize my Gemini Game Elements PC Recoil game pad.

    Tetris Worlds PC does have configurable game pad controller capability, as per the manual. The game itself appears to be functioning normally with the Keyboard controls. But the program only lists “Keyboard” as the control option on its configuration screen on my PC. The game pad does show up under Control Panel>Game Controllers>Installed Game Controllers as “GGE908 PC Recoil Pad – Status OK”. I don’t have any games it plays with yet, but it does respond ok when I manually calibrate the controller under Properties. The Recoil game pad is the only gaming device installed, & it is the selected “Preferred Device” under Game Controllers Advanced settings.

    Any thoughts on why “Tetris Worlds PC” is not finding this game pad – even though Windows sees it, & the hardware appears to be working properly, & the software is correctly installed from disk? Is there any way I can get the program to see it so that I can select & use it instead of just the keyboard?

    I am running Windows XP Home Edition 2002 Service Pack 2. The driver version on the manufacturer disk matches the one posted here.

    I just installed Tetris Worlds & would really like to use it with the game pad… Using a keyboard for a video game is a bummer. : \

    Many Thanks!

  11. i cant get it to even download onto my computer,it keeps sayin to plug it in and dosent connect to the game pad,what do you think it might be?

  12. I don’t understand what you are asking. If you can’t download it, what is asking you to plug it in?

  13. Excellent, I bought this for my son and also lost the CD or just havent looked hard enough..thanks for hosting the file.

    I guess since its made over seas the inforamtion isnt as easy to find.
    It will stay on my flash drive now.

    This is what the internet is for.

  14. i have a game controller but cant find disk please help me to download this software of internet

  15. For whatever reason, the game drivers wont recognize the controller (says controller not found) eventhough I have loaded the software. Any suggestions?

  16. For whatever reason, the game drivers wont recognize the controller (says controller not found) eventhough I have loaded the software. Any suggestions?

  17. been using this gamepad since the first time i saw it at walmart… was skeptical at first because it was so cheap, but it proved to me that the price had no effect on performance… it’s been a great pad and works with every game i’ve tried it on

  18. I think this is a great and helpful thing for you to do, hosting the file like this. Good job!

  19. bless you sir

  20. Thank you so much. Although a decent gamepad for the money, we get what we pay for I guess as far as support goes. Thank again for stepping up to the plate and helping me and everybody else out.

  21. i got this thing and i cant get it to work with any of my ipod games on my pc

  22. I got this gampad as well and .. I cant get it to work for halo or doom 3.. I have a bada pc its has a gig of ram and 256mb nvidia geforce fx5500 vid card.. Email me if you know what all games it works on

  23. i bought this mainly for playing halflife 2 and halflife 2: episode one. it works fine but i really need to know how i can strafe with the left analog stick because i dont want to use the d-pad for movement. please tell me how i can do this with the halflife games!!!!

  24. for the message i just posted please email your response to instead of posting it here i probably wont be back to this website

  25. Thanks for posting this driver, lost my disc too…
    Fṍck Wal-M*rt
    Fʋ̂̃̅cʞ Gemini

  26. oh!! thanks!! bitch you are very usefull, you are one of the hoes that charge the minimum

  27. Thank you you have save me some cash and trouble looking for this.

  28. Looks like Gemini kicked the bucket. They should at least have a minimum driver website hosted instead of abandoning people. Thanks for the driver. It would seem that on a few PCs with SP2, the driver would crash when I clicked the “Effects” tab, which would calibrate the vibration. It turns out that SP2 has built-in support for controllers with this many buttons now. Thanks for the driver, though.

  29. sweeeeettttt… i lost the cd awhile back and since i reinstalled ME i had to go driver hunting again. this thing was great for the money but i was about to crush it under the car tire when i heard gemini gave up on it. oh well.

    lease SOMEONE still has some drivers laying around for it. TYVM.

  30. Yo!!! I’d like the give u my extreme thanks!!! my cd drive is garbage and i have to get a new one.

  31. You are a life saver dude! I ran a system recover on my PC and the driver for my gampad was uninstalled. I’m glad I stumbled upon your link.

  32. thank you thank you

  33. DUDE!!!! THNX a million! I lost the CD and i needed it so i could get this control to rumble. Again Thanx! Props

  34. Like everyone else, I needed this and found it here from a google search. Thanks alot of taking the time to host this file and using your bandwidth. As you see, you have saved alot of people alot of time. Appreciate it!!

  35. Thanks for the drivers. My main (and only) complaint with this gamepad is how the directional buttons register on games.

    It is very poor, and if I am moving quickly in a game it doesn’t always register. The rest of the buttons are fine, just the directional pad and analog stick.

    I regret not getting a better gamepad 🙁

  36. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Hey can you happen to stumble across the wireless setup for the same type of gamepad? i lost my cd as well lol.

  38. Thank you, That was the easiest driver to locate and install thanks to you.

  39. Even after gettin the driver from here (I have the original CD, but somehow there arent drivers on it) I still cant get this thing to install on my PC this is a sewriously flawed controller and i feel like I wasted my money.

  40. Basically my problem is when Wizard tries to install the controller. Right at the beginning of the part where it attempts to install the software files I get the following message: ”The file ‘hidusb.sys’ on Windows Driver Cabinet is missing.” Further more the install stops at that point and im left with nothing else to do. Can someone plz tell me what is wrong? I would be appreciated.

  41. Problem solved, found the driver (hidusb.sys was missing from my system driver cache, i found one and downloaded it) controller seems to be installed now. Thanks again for the driver :). Peace out.

  42. inside need for speed underground menu i cant set my x button (like play station) on number 3 button on the control pad

  43. I bought this controller and the disk it came with was scratched. Since then i have used it for everything from FIFA, to NFSMW and never had a problem. I was prepareing to re-do my hardrive to eliminate some mal-ware and discovered my driver download was missing. this link was a god send as the only other site I could find wanted a long drawn out registration thank you. 🙂

  44. Man! Screw Gemini and thier download hording chintzy website. I’ll never buy another product from those communist pigs. Thanks for the link to the download!

  45. I am running Windows Vista and it already has the drivers built in for this controller

  46. I have purchased GGE909 recoil pc control pad and although it has successfully installed onto my pc I am unable to use the controler to play my games.

  47. i tried using this with marvel ultimate alliance and it just crashes when i plug it in..if i plug the ocntroller in first and then run the game it wont even load…works fine in mame though.. any suggestions, i tried uninstalling the disk drivers and just using the windows drivers from sp2 but the same thing happens

  48. Will this driver work with the GGE909 gamepad? I have the GGE 909 gamepad and the vibration feature has never worked. Also, the Ec and ENter buttons are not recognized.Why is that? Why would they put those buttons on the controller if ou are not able to use them? I’m hoping its because I never had the driver CD from when I first bought it.

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