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  1. Thanks man for this great program.
    very easy to use.

  2. VIPRE anti-virus detected this download as having a Trojan in it (sound_switch_v2.03.exe). Can anyone confirm and fix this issue with a new upload?

  3. I seem to be having some issues with this program. Every time I try and use the hotkey function, I get an AutoIt Error stating
    “Line -1: Error: Variable used without being declared.” Am I making some mistake in running this?

  4. @ITA: Within a few days a brand new version of Soundswitch will be released.

    I’ll post a note here when that happens.

  5. Thank you – very cool

  6. I tried to use this program for windows vista. I ran it the first time and nothign happened. I tried running it a second time and I get the error:

    Error setting SwitchSpeakerCount to ^!{f9}.

    How do I resolve this and what should the program do when I run it?

  7. Thank you very much!

  8. 😯
    Ah finaly a simple way rond that supid system THANK you so much it dean driving me nuts

  9. I’ll prolly love this one just as I get the hang on how to set ’em hotkeys correctly. Cheers!

  10. This was EXACTLY what I googled for. Thanks!

  11. This is amazing just what i was looking for no more unplugging and plugging back in.

  12. Looks promising, switching sound between headphones and the tele on HDMI just making things a little bit easier.

  13. Exactly what i was looking for and the program does exactly what it is supposed to do, nothing more nothing less! Thanks!!!

  14. hi – looks like I got exact problem as General December 17, 2010 at 12:54 am

    first time nothing – I cant seem to find the program or it’s run results anywhere ( expecting an icon maybe?) tho I do see the file and app in the unzipped directory – clicking on it again produces above mentioned results

  15. very neat. definitely solves the pain-in-the-ass problem of switching devices. However, I have a question… does this app only toggle between two devices? It seems as though I can only get it to switch between 2 devices when I often have about 4 options. just curious. thanks.

  16. @tk: Try using the Scrolling hotkeys.

  17. Great bit of work mate love the app
    I have one question how do I map the SwitchDefault hotkey as my middle mouse button and not a keyboard command? this will make it alot faster to change over on my HTPC.
    I tried a basic MouseClick(“Middle”) command but did not work.
    Cheers and thanks for a great app

  18. Thank You So Much!!!!!
    Vista 32
    running between PC speakers and HDMI to TV. Shortcut worked without any need for modification.

  19. πŸ˜€ Yuh is Awsome.

  20. Dustin, got it installed ok, but I have to shut down any app and restart to switch the audio playback device. Is that the way it is supposed to work? I have vista.
    Thanks for the app! Hope can get it to work.

  21. I’m using win7, and when I try to install I get an error that reads “Error setting SwitchDefault to ^!{F12}

  22. Hi,
    Great util!
    I have a question about toggling the device:
    my USB headset has a button (intended to launch Communicator), which I can redirect to launch another program. Can I run the AutoIT switcher with a command line option (or similar) to toggle the output device?

  23. @Octoplayer: No. That’s a great idea though, and I’ll add it to my list.

    I’m currently in the middle of a major rewrite of Soundswitch, so I’ll be sure and include that feature soon-ish.

  24. Very nice program – it is something i was looking for.
    Thank you very much πŸ™‚

    One question: How about a profile system? A list where you can add a .exe and when this .exe is running, then SoundSwitch will change the output and when the .exe is closed then it will swap back to the standard setting.
    What do you think?

  25. I’m using win7, and when I try to install I get an error that reads β€œError setting SwitchDefault to ^!{F12}

  26. Working awesomly! πŸ˜€ Thanks

  27. Hi,thanks for a supposedly perfect program. Only trouble is i run Norwegian Win7, translated version out/ready soon ?

  28. This is awesome, thank you.

  29. This is awesome, thanks!

  30. When installing on Windows 7, I got:

    Error setting SwitchSpeakerCount to ^!{F9}.

  31. Sweet! A perfect solution!

  32. I too when installing on windows 7 (64bit) get the message “Error setting SwitchSpeakerCount to ^!{F9}.”
    What is the solution please as this program looks great.

  33. Awesome! Was looking for this exact type of software. Thank you very much!

  34. can some one explain how to set the hotkeys step by step???

  35. can some one explain how to set the hotkeys step by step??? i don’t want to mess something up in the proccess

  36. never mind just figured it out!

  37. Hey I can’t install on W7 64Bit either. Just letting you know. I really want this program as I have many different audo outputs as well as communication devices. This looks like an awesome program and would like to use it.

  38. I just installed this on Win 7 x64, didn’t seem to have any trouble. I’m swapping between standard speaker jack and USB headphones, it also picked up on my monitor’s built in speakers before I disabled those, took me a few seconds to figure out why my speakers’ volume knob wasn’t working.

    Great program though, just what i needed, thanks!

  39. Just found that app on the net. Just setup my brand new g930 and I was scarred I wouldnt be able to switch to my speakers easily … and there ALL FIXED, great app working great thanks πŸ˜€

  40. The only program to do this that works and I like!

    However, there is an issue that occurs maybe 4 out of 10 times. After hitting the hot key (F7 in this case) on Windows XP SP3, “Sounds and Audio Devices Properties” window pops up, showing “Sounds” tab, and nothing else happens.

    I wonder if Sound Switch is sending a sequence of keys to windows XP, and somehow Windows did not receive all the keys, perhaps the keys are sent too fast, or my computer is too slow?

    I’m on Dell Dimension 4600, P4 3.4Ghz, 2GB RAM.

  41. πŸ˜› I works very good, Thanks

    @Randal you need to oprn INI file and change the value

  42. I love this program, but recently when trying to use it I get an error saying “Error setting SwitchDefault to^!{12}”. I did a fresh download of the product but it still unfortunately comes up with the same message. Would appreciate any help to get the back using this great product.

  43. Every time I switch devices, it pauses the script (according to the taskbar icon) and I have to go uncheck that box in order for it to work again. This basically negates the speed that I gain from using this program. Great idea though.

  44. Amazing! I had a virus removed from my computer last year and ever since I haven’t been able to use my headphones. Thank you so much!